Personal Accident Insurance

Financial security for you and your loved ones against accidental injuries


Extensive cover

Permanent total disability (PTD): In case of PTD due to an accident, you will be eligible for a pay-out of 200% of the sum insured.

Permanent partial disability (PPD): In case of PPD due to an accident, the sum insured payable is as shown below:

An arm at the shoulder joint 70%
An arm above the elbow pint 65%
An arm beneath the elbow joint 60%
A hand at the wrist 55%
A thumb 20%
An index finger 10%
Any other hanger 5%
Meg above mid-thigh 70%
Meg up to mid-thigh 60%
Meg up to beneath the knee 50%
Meg up to mid-calf 45%
Afoot at the ankle 40%
A large toe 5%
Any other toe 2%
An eye 50%
Hearing of one ear 30%
Hearing of both ears 75%
Sense of smell 10%
Sense of taste 5%

Temporary total disability (TTD): In case of TTD due to an accidental bodily injury, a weekly benefit would be payable as per the plan you opt for. Claim payment under TTD benefit is restricted to 50% for your spouse.

Accidental death cover: 100% sum insured will be paid to your nominee in case of death due to an accident.

Comprehensive accidental cover

This plan covers you from bodily injury, disability or death caused due to an accident.

Children education benefit

In case of death or PTD, you will receive Rs 5,000 (per child) towards the cost of education of up to 2 dependent children (under 19 years on the day of your accident).

Enhanced sum insured

You can modify your sum insured when you renew your policy.

Family cover

This policy covers you, your spouse and children in case of accidental injury or death.

Hospital confinement allowance

You are eligible to receive a benefit of Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,500 per day, for a maximum period of 30 days, when you are hospitalised.

Cumulative bonus

Avail 10% cumulative bonus up to your limit of indemnity for every claim-free year, up to 50% of the sum insured in case of hospitalisation.