Top Up Health Insurance

Top-up health insurance for additional protection

A simple and affordable solution that ensures adequate health insurance cover


With the rise in medical costs, your existing health insurance plan may not suffice for the expenses occurring due to illness or accidents. As medical expenses increase, you may find that your primary health insurance is no longer sufficient for your needs. A complicated medical condition can consume your entire health insurance cover in one go. Hence, it is ideal to opt for a top-up plan that comes in handy during medical emergencies and offers extra care and protection.

Our Extra Care top-up health insurance policy takes care of the expenses caused due to hospitalisation and medical treatments. This policy extends your health insurance cover and ensures that you are financially secure even if your base medical insurance policy runs out.


Top-up cover

This is an add-on plan that enhances your regular health insurance coverage.

Wide range of age group

This policy covers members between 3 months to 70 years of age.

No medical tests

Under this policy, pre-medical tests are not required up to 55 years of age, subject to a clean proposal form.

Pre and post hospitalisation cover

This policy covers Pre hospitalisation expenses up to 30 days and post hospitalisation expenses up to 60 days.

Floater option

Single premium and sum insured for your entire family. Self, spouse, maximum 3 children and parents can be covered under the family floater option.

Ambulance cover

This policy provides emergency ambulance cover.